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One Site Down

February 22, 2020Category : Blog

For the most part, this site is done. I’ve updated the look and feel as well as added bells and whistles. It actually looks better than my site does now. That one is next for a facelift. I’m quite happy with these templates. I must say WordPress has really improved. It’s been a about..

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Writing again

February 10, 2020Category : Blog

It has been a while since I’ve touched this site. Some job changes have occurred so I now have time and freedom to work on projects that I have been putting off for way too long. I’m testing out this tip jar. It’s working now.

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February 25, 2014Category : Blog

So I’ve been a bit lax with the updates on the website. I’m still working on the sequel to Liz Crimson, but I decided that I need to finish my graphic novel project, Enemy Moon. I’ve also decided to pepper the site with visuals, both drawing and inspirational, as they help me think and process..

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